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Maldon Salt unveils two new flavoured sea salts

Maldon Salt has unveiled its two latest innovations, blending its classic Maldon sea salt flakes with garlic and chilli. Garlic Sea Salt combines hand harvested Maldon sea salt flakes with wild and roasted garlic, and Chilli Sea Salt blends the sea salt flakes with Aleppo pepper and bird’s eye chillies. The two new flavoured salts are part of Maldon's flavoured range – joining the existing Smoked Sea Salt – designed to appeal to those who mix their own flavoured salts to enhance the flavour of dishes. Robert La Francesca, commercial director at Maldon Salt, said: “As proud makers and merchants of salt since 1882 and known for our quality salt around the world, we are regarded by consumers as their trusted seasoning advisor. People told us they wanted to see a larger range of salts from Maldon Salt, in fact 55% of people said they would intend to buy a flavoured salt by Maldon. And so, we delivered!” He continued: “These two exciting new flavoured salts really do offer fantastic flavour at your fingertips and now with our extended flavoured range there are even more ways to seize the seasoning and elevate dishes.” In July, Maldon showcased two new salts under its Merchant range, which selects “the finest salts from around the world". The salts, Himalayan Pink Salt and Kalahari Desert Salt, were selected by Maldon’s salt merchants. The flavoured salts are available to purchase now in select retailers across the UK for an RRP of £3.50.


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