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Mellody unveils plant-based hot honey

Mellody, the consumer brand owned by food-tech company MeliBio, has launched a spicy habanero variant of its plant-based honey. This latest launch brings what Mellody claims to be the “first-ever” vegan hot honey to market, crafted as a 100% match to the taste, texture and performance of its bee-made counterpart.

It follows the debut of Mellody’s flagship product, Golden Clover Plant-based Honey. Founded in 2020, MeliBio combines advanced culinary techniques, plant science and fermentation to produce taste-competitive, high-functioning substitutes for traditional bee-derived honey products. Mellody’s Spicy Habanero Plant-based Hot Honey is well-suited to a range of sweet and savoury applications, including pizza, sandwiches, desserts, cocktails and more. MeliBio’s CEO and co-founder, Darko Mandich, said: “Our first Golden Clover release has been game changing for the honey industry, and there are even more possibilities for further innovation that our technology can unlock, starting with taste and functionality”. The brand’s products are certified vegan and free from glyphosate, a common herbicide that bees can be exposed to.


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