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Milestone announces whiskey brand created with molecular technology

Milestone Beverages has announced the launch of Stateless Whiskey, a brand which uses molecular science to "recreate rare and expensive whiskeys". Stateless is crafted using a blend of traditionally made spirits, which are then processed in a lab where key characteristics are fine-tuned, giving control over each aspect of the flavour profile, from the smoky and woody notes to fruit, vanilla and spices. Molecular technology allows Milestone to produce whiskey with a reduced environmental impact compared to traditional whiskey which requires water, grain, barrel storage space and a lengthy maturation period. A spokesperson for the company said: “Advanced technology uses machine-learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and advanced chemical analysis to produce spirits that are indistinguishable from traditional products, yet made with less water, land, and a smaller CO2 footprint than traditional processes.” Damith Weerakoon, marketing and operations manager at Milestone Beverages, said: “We’re not just creating a new line of whiskeys, we’re taking the traditional, the non-traditional, the “circus freaks” and the classic entertainers, all the diverse ingredients and processes to pay homage to tradition while pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with modern science. This is where tradition meets innovation.” With molecular technology reducing the length of the maturing process, the brand says its spirit will be less expensive than the whiskeys and bourbons that it is inspired by. Stateless is launching first with a classic Blended Bourbon Whiskey at 40% ABV and its first flavoured whisky, a banana variety, in Hong Kong, Asia and Europe in early 2024.


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