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Nestlé opens customer engagement centre in Singapore

Nestlé Professional has launched a new Customer Engagement Centre (CEC) aiming to revolutionise its interaction with foodservice operators in Singapore. The newly launched CEC offers industry knowledge, expertise in food services and an extensive F&B and hospitality portfolio. Led by Nestlé Professional's in-house chef and barista, in collaboration with association partners, the initiative's goal is to tackle significant industry challenges and meet the evolving needs of the company's clientele. These challenges encompass a continual push for sustainable practices, solutions to workforce challenges and the implementation of innovative, on-trend concepts to enhance overall operational efficiencies. Paul Nagelkerken, country business manager for Nestlé Professional, said: “By creating a space that fosters collaboration and innovation, Nestlé Professional is poised to play a pivotal role in aiding the F&B industry in Singapore. This strategic initiative aligns with the company's commitment to exceed the expectations of our customers, providing them with the concepts, tools and expertise needed to thrive in a dynamic and competitive market.” The newly established CEC has been designed to replicate a café, providing a space where partners and affiliates can schedule appointments for tastings and demonstrations. This aims to enable a comprehensive understanding of Nestlé Professional's diverse F&B offerings. The CEC facilitates product and machine demonstrations, offering product training, customised applications, creative menu development and recipe ideas tailored to specific business needs. Utilising the CEC as a platform, the Nestlé Professional team actively engages with customers, offering the convenience of consolidated food and beverage solutions in a single location. The CEC is structured with distinct areas, including a professional kitchen and bar section, ensuring well-accounted facilities for both food and beverage. In the bar area, customers can access a wide range of beverage machines, establishing it as a complete provider of hot and cold beverage solutions for various F&B establishments. Offerings encompass soluble tin and spoon preparation, fully-automated and semi-automated coffee machines, compact table top coffee roasters and cold machines, crafting exceptional coffee experiences with diverse solutions. The kitchen is equipped with professional-grade tools that replicate the operational environment of customers, designed to provide a realistic and immersive experience.


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