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Nestlé pilots refillable vending machines in Indonesia

Nestlé is piloting refillable vending machines for its Milo and Koko Krunch brands as part of its effort to explore solutions that help to reduce the need for disposable packaging. In collaboration with digital start-up Qyos by Algramo, the machines will be available at two retailers in Indonesia during a 4-6 month trial period. Qyos was founded in 2020 and is an Indonesian start-up that aims to provide households with alternatives to single-use plastic. It is supported by machines with interface systems from Chilean environmentally friendly refill technology company, Algramo. Gaelle de Mestral, head of R&D packaging at Nestlé, said: "We are actively exploring innovative, alternative delivery systems such as bulk, reuse and refill options across several product categories. By undertaking this second pilot for Milo and Koko Krunch, we'll be able to gain new insights that can be applied to our products, as well further assess the refillable system's effectiveness in preventing packaging waste along the supply chain." As consumers will use their own containers, the machines are fitted with QR codes which can digitally provide product information including ingredients and shelf life. Packaging developers at Nestlé’s R&D centres in Singapore and Switzerland worked in collaboration with the Nestlé teams in Indonesia, as well as Qyos, for the development of the vending machines. Nestlé ensured that the refillable systems maintain the safety and freshness of products across the supply chain while considering the local context, such as the hot and humid climate conditions in Indonesia. Samer Chedid, president director of Nestlé Indonesia, added: "We hope that through the Nestlé x Qyos refilling machine technology, we can support the government to encourage people to reduce the use of packaging while also contributing to environmental sustainability goals in Indonesia”. In 2021, Nestlé piloted reusable and refillable containers for Milo, Dancow and Koko Krunch in South Jakarta, Indonesia, where consumers had the option of purchasing the products from tricycle carts fitted with refillable dispensing systems.


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