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Nestlé plans to cut jobs at Dolce Gusto factory in UK

Nestlé is planning to cut 94 jobs at its Dolce Gusto factory in the Midlands. The Swiss food giant told FoodBev that it is proposing some changes to its Tutbury plant, which would result in a reduction of staff. The company says the decision was made due to a "significant drop in demand" for the company's Nescafé Dolce Gusto products. A spokesperson for Nestlé said: "We are proposing some changes at our Tutbury factory which would, unfortunately, mean a reduction in people. These changes are due to a significant drop in demand for our Nescafé Dolce Gusto products, which means some of our lines are under capacity or not in use." They added: "Regrettably, it is necessary to propose a change in the factory structure to respond to this change in demand and ensure our manufacturing is as efficient as possible. As always, we are speaking to our employees about this proposal first, and nothing will be confirmed until those discussions have been completed."


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