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Nestlé unveils Christmas 2023 range

Nestlé Confectionery has announced its Christmas 2023 line-up with a cohort of brand-new and returning winter treats. Quality Street has introduced a new chocolate bar, fusing two popular flavours together. The Quality Street Collisions Hazelnut & Caramel Chocolate Sharing Bar brings together indulgent caramel, a smooth hazelnut filling and crunchy hazelnut pieces, all encased in milk chocolate. Chocolate brand Aero has expanded its offering with the launch of Aero Candy Cane Bubbles, featuring an aerated vanilla flavour centre and half-red and half-white shell. Under its Milkybar brand, Nestlé is launching a new Milkybar Speculoos chocolate bar, which features the brand’s classic creamy-tasting white chocolate, dotted with crunchy caramelised biscuit pieces. Also in the line-up, mint cream chocolate brand After Eight is launching the After Eight Winter Fondant bag, made up of London landmark-shaped mint fondant sweets, and the period will also see the return of After Eight Gin & Tonic & Mint, featuring a gin and tonic-flavoured mint fondant enrobed in rich dark chocolate. Rowntree’s Randoms Festives are also new for 2023. Wrapped in winter-themed packaging, the new sugar pouch contains festive and random jelly shapes in fruity flavours.


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