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Nobell Foods names Sergey Solomatin as VP of food science and product development

Nobell Foods has appointed Impossible veteran Sergey Solomatin as its new vice president of food science and product development. Solomatin brings experience spanning nucleic acid biochemistry, biophysics, polymer chemistry and pharmaceutical sciences to his new post at Nobell, a California-based animal-free dairy company that genetically engineers soybeans to produce the dairy protein casein. During a more than decade long tenure at Impossible Foods, Solomatin helped to develop, scale and commercialise the plant-based meat maker’s technology and created the company's materials and texture research group. “At Nobell Foods, we harness the power of plants to create animal-free cheese with accessibility and craveability at the forefront,” said CEO and founder, Magi Richani. “As we pioneer a new category in food with 'Plant-Grown Proteins,' the innovative work that Sergey and his team are doing will enable us to challenge the perceptions of what animal-free cheese tastes, melts and stretches like.” Solomatin added: “As a young company that's building an entirely new category, Nobell Foods has a huge opportunity to drive real change and create a positive impact on the planet and people. Nobell Foods is already leading the future of food with their work around casein, and I'm beyond honoured to join their innovative team.”


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