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SAI Platform unveils ‘industry-first’ regenerative agriculture framework

The Sustainable Agriculture Initiative Platform (SAI Platform) has announced the launch of its global framework for regenerative agriculture. The initiative, Regenerating Together, provides industry with a globally aligned approach for the transition to regenerative agriculture practices. It aims to bring about large-scale, long-term systemic change within the global food supply. Over 30 agriculture cooperatives and the broader 17-strong SAI Platform membership, including food and beverage industry giants such as Nestlé, Danone, Unilever and PepsiCo have committed to the new global framework. In collaboration with these businesses alongside farmers, academia and NGOs, SAI Platform established an approach to agriculture that aims to mitigate and adapt to the impact of climate change. Approaches include improving soil health, supporting biodiversity, retaining water in the soil and reducing its consumption while keeping farmers’ business viability central in a just transition approach. Regenerating Together is designed for practical use at farm-level, enabling crops, dairy and beef farmers globally to work with supply chain partners to achieve measurable regenerative agriculture outcomes, transforming it from an “often ambiguous concept” into action. The framework will be integrated into SAI Platform’s existing industry solutions including the European Roundtable for Beef Sustainability, the Farm Sustainability Assessment and the Sustainable Dairy Partnership. Dionys Forster, director general of SAI Platform, said: “With our Regenerating Together programme, we are proud to be driving collaboration across the food and beverage industry at what is a critical moment for the sector”. “Regenerative agriculture is the way forward to ensure productivity and farm ecosystem viability – we must act now and further transition towards farming practices that protect the future of our planet.” Eric Soubeiran, vice president of business operations sustainability at Unilever, said: “As individual organisations we have set targets to implement regenerative agricultural practices, but this new framework brings leaders together to work towards one common commitment. We believe this framework sets a new standard for regenerative agriculture globally whilst providing the needed flexibility at farm level.”


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