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Smart Soda unveils JuLi Connect beverage dispenser

Smart Soda Holdings has announced the launch of its new countertop beverage solution, IoT JuLi Connect. JuLi Connect is said to be developed for commercial use, enabling users to personalise sparkling or still-flavoured alkaline water, soda or tea by setting carbonation levels, flavour combinations and functional nutrition boosts. By using the JuLi Connect system, users can mix and match flavours and functional shots to create endless options of beverages, allowing them to mix up to three flavours or enhancements per single beverage. SmartSoda CEO Lior Shafir said: “All SmartSoda offerings are based on the proven health benefits of alkaline water. That’s only part of why JuLi Connect delivers a great innovative alternative solution to traditional soda for offices, convenience stores and restaurants." He continued: "Users can customise their drink choices from a portfolio of over 20 delicious all-natural flavours and a range of functional wellness shots that support energy, immunity, relaxation and focus. And easy-to-use tech-enabled management tools that support installation, maintenance and servicing support – all from a smartphone app supported by a full dashboard and connectivity.” SmartSoda co-founder and Chairman Julia Solooki added: “The real benefit of our JuLi Connect system is that it not only offers a healthy and delicious alternative to traditional sodas, but it can also represent a real cost-savings for our commercial customers. It’s a better value by far than other comparable dispensers. And it’s certainly more affordable and environmentally friendly than stocking bottled and canned beverages. In fact, the JuLi Connect contributes to our corporate goal of reducing the use of 2.3 billion plastic bottles by 2027.”


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