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Sow Good expands operations with Texas facility

Sow Good, a US producer of freeze-dried fruit and vegetable products, has announced a significant expansion with the long-term lease for a new 324,000-square-foot production facility in Dallas, Texas, US. The move aims to increase the company's production capacity, enabling Sow Good to better meet the growing demand for its innovative freeze-dried products. The Dallas facility will allocate 306,500 square feet to production, packaging and distribution activities, with 17,400 square feet designated for office space. This hub will streamline logistics and distribution, centralising future in-house production expansions. Sow Good has made initial deposits for five freeze driers, with three set to be operational within six months and the remaining two shortly thereafter. Ira Goldfarb, executive chairman of Sow Good, added: “Securing the new Dallas facility marks a significant milestone in our expansion journey. As the demand for freeze dried candy continues growing, we continue making bold, strategic investments to maintain our position as the category leader. This enhanced capacity optimises our raw material storage, product packaging and overall operational efficiencies to fulfill the increased order volumes we receive. This expansion also allows us to uphold our stringent food safety and quality standards while integrating more of our custom-built proprietary freeze driers and specialised packaging environments.” The company plans to start distribution from the new facility within the next month, initiate packaging operations within four months and begin freeze-drying production within six months.


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