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Synergy Flavours introduces "high-impact" concentrated flavours for protein bars

Synergy Flavours has introduced a new line of "high-impact" concentrated flavours designed for protein bars, as it looks to expand the company's sports nutrition portfolio. In addition, the range is also targeted at manufacturers who are seeking to launch innovative products in the sports nutrition bar market. The range consists of eight flavours, including popular options like chocolate, strawberry and vanilla bean, as well as consumer favourites such as peanut, dark cookie crumb and coconut. To provide manufacturers with labelling and positioning flexibility, the range also offers natural versions of certain flavour profiles. Chris Whiting, European business development manager at Synergy Flavours, commented: “The sports nutrition market is evolving at a rapid pace, and as protein bars become increasingly popular, there is a real opportunity for manufacturers to innovate in this space and attract new customers who may be interested in trying these products as part of an active lifestyle”. He added: “The new solutions are concentrated to deliver high-impact flavour, which, in turn, allows manufacturers to offer popular flavours while balancing costs, at a time when raw material and energy prices remain high". "Taste is still king for many consumers, who should not, and will not, compromise on flavour. That’s why our new range has also been formulated with cost-optimisation in mind, meaning manufacturers can still create great-tasting products, and consumers can still enjoy their favourite flavours, without being forced to compromise on quality.”


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