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The Green Coffee Company closes $25m funding round

The Green Coffee Company, a Legacy Group portfolio company based in Colombia, has announced that it has closed its $25m Series C equity funding round. The company’s financing to-date has been funded by more than 450 individual investors primarily from the US, who have invested over $60 million in the business. According to a statement released by the company yesterday (8 June 2023), proceeds from the funding round will expand its Colombian farming operations. It will also accelerate its US-based coffee roasting operations and enable the company to launch lines of liquours and spirits distilled from coffee cherries and other coffee ‘waste’. The Green Coffee Company (GCC) said it is currently seeking $65m of institutional debt capital to supplement the equity raise, to execute its expansion plans. Cole Shephard, founder of GCC and partner at Legacy Group said: “The $25 million Series C equity raise is a testament to the credibility we have in the market”. He added: “In a market like Colombia, the impact we can have with this capital is market-defining and will be globally disruptive to how we drink coffee”. Since its founding in 2017, GCC now has total landholdings more than 9,000 acres and more than 11,500,000 coffee trees under ownership. With an aim to become the world’s largest producer of arabica coffee in the next two years, GCC is considering a potential 2026 US IPO exit.


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