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The Tofoo Co. unveils new marinated tofu range

The Tofoo Co. has launched a new range of marinated tofu pieces, aimed at attracting new shoppers into the category. The marinated range includes two new flavours: Smoky BBQ Strips and Lightly Spiced Pieces – flavoured with onion, garlic, paprika, pepper and parsley. Dave Knibbs, MD for The Tofoo Co, said: “There are still consumers out there who are scared to try tofu, put off by the thought of fiddly prep, spongey textures and bland flavour. Tofoo’s new marinated range is perfect for these ‘tofu-phobics’, packed full of flavour with minimal fuss required they’ll suit everyone from tofu newbies to experienced plant-based cooks.” Tofoo pieces are high in protein, ready to cook, and to be served as a protein boost in a variety of meal types. Tofoo Co Marinated Lightly Spiced Pieces 180g (RRP £2.85) and Marinated Smoky BBQ Strips 180g (RRP £2.85) are available in selected Sainsburys, Tesco and Asda stores and in Ocado from January.


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