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Treasure8 and Suja Life forge partnership to deliver organic sidestream technology

Treasure8, an ingredient and food transformation company, and functional wellness platform Suja Life have joined forces in a new partnership that aims to transform organic sidestreams into premium ingredients. The move will leverage Treasure8's patented upcycling technology to maximise nutrition and flavour, while significantly reducing production time, costs, energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Through the collaboration, both parties hope to make nutrition more accessible and sustainable. By harnessing Treasure8's USDA SAUNA (Scalable, Affordable, Uniform, Nutrition-dense and Appealing) technology, Suja Life intends to repurpose its organic sidestreams into premium upcycled powders. Treasure8, known for its advanced food processing technologies, has a range of proprietary technologies that can facilitate the rapid dehydration of whole foods, thereby minimising processing time, energy usage and carbon emissions, while retaining flavour and nutrition. The initiative is poised to have a ripple effect across the food system, addressing inefficiencies prevalent in the global food supply chain. Over the next five years, the partnership plans to explore opportunities for further value generation and efficiency improvements. These efforts include integrating vertical technologies, promoting regenerative practices among Suja Life's grower partners and enhancing product portfolios. Suja Life sees the partnership as an opportunity to drive sustainability and waste reduction initiatives. Suja's portfolio includes Suja Organic, an organic, non-GMO, cold-pressed juice and beverage brand, and Vive Organic, a range of cold-pressed, plant-powered RTD wellness shots. Timothy Childs, founder and co-CEO of Treasure8, said: "Working with Suja Life is a key step for us to accelerate our partnership platform to further scale our upcycling ingredient pipeline as effectively as we can. By partnering with industry leaders like Suja Life, we are creating a circular value loop by producing more nutritious ingredients through upcycled material that reduces CO2 emissions, cuts costs and, eventually, creates valuable outputs to improve soil health for farmers.” Maria Stipp, newly appointed CEO of Suja Life, underscored the importance of innovation in waste reduction and sustainability solutions. She commented: "Throughout my tenure in the beverage industry, I have seen a dramatic shift in consumer preference and demands for better-for-you alternatives. We greatly believe the next wave of this lasting trend must include innovative waste reduction and sustainability solutions. Our partnership with Treasure8 will allow us to drive real value to our many stakeholders.”


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