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Vanmark launches new potato Vine Remover machine

Vanmark has released new in-plant Vine Remover to remove vines from potato production flow. The Vine Remover separates dirt and vines from potatoes as they are fed into it before they move down the line, removing more than 80% of the vines Integrated with Vanmark’s Hydrolift Destoner vertical augers, Flume Systems, the Vine Remover aims to get the most debris-free product possible and continuous processing without stoppages. Jason Davis, general manager, Vanmark, commented: “Vanmark’s new vine remover machine is the first of its kind for us. Eliminating plugs and downtime caused by vines caught in the machinery should be a game changer for potato processors. For example, French fry processors process up to 175,000 pounds of potatoes per hour and need to do so as quickly and reliably as possible.” The machine is a useful tool for thoroughly prepping potatoes from crop to processing. It has single-machine flow rates of up to 130,000 pounds (65 tons) per hour and a flexible operation inline or offline, with tandem or multiple machines and at various pitches. The Vine Remover features a maintenance-friendly sanitary design with easy access panels, cover, and simple roll operation and changeouts. Additionally, it is custom urethane molded with hex tube and grit rolls.


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