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Agus: new product portfolio at Sial Paris 2022
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

10 October 2022

Agus: new product portfolio at Sial Paris 2022

As the world faces geopolitical turbulence and fights recession consequences, the food market needs to adapt to new challenges. As the leading food and beverage company in dairy, beverages, snacks and breakfast products, Agus has prepared a set of new product lines as a response to changing market needs. During Sial Paris 2022, the company will introduce a budget consumer portfolio of Hello Day! Essentials, as well as affordable instant consumer fat-filled milk powder, Majestic, and cost-effective milk powder ingredients, Milky.


What makes Agus the company of the future is its ability to adapt to rapidly changing market situations. Agus’ answer to new challenges is the introduction of the Hello Day! Essentials product portfolio. Its main goal is to provide customers with affordable but quality food products. The Essentials line consists of drinks, pasta, instant products, cheese and cheese analogues, sauces and canned products.

Consumer milk powders

Royal Milk is one of Agus’ flagship fat-filled milk powders and is a genuine benchmark in Africa and the Middle East. It is an innovative product that has been recently enriched with vitamins – so important nowadays. It is perfectly suitable for drinking, homemade artisan yogurt preparation, as well as all industrial applications. African countries are currently facing high inflation and skyrocketing prices for imported goods. Therefore, commonly used powdered milk is becoming too expensive, and customers are looking for affordable alternatives. To meet their expectations, Agus offers a budget version under the Majestic brand. Majestic is spray-dried fat-filled instant powder with optimised protein content. Its delicious taste and outstanding solubility in both hot and cold water mean consumers can enjoy it during the entire day. Drink it like a glass of milk drink, use it for breakfast or simply add a spoonful to tea or coffee. It can also be successfully used in bakery, confectionery and food concentrates production.

Industrial milk powder applications

Cheaper but still quality substitutes are also highly desired by industry, across the bakery, confectionery, ice cream and dairy segments. Due to the market situation, these segments are optimising production costs, including in terms of raw materials usage. In view of today’s trend toward cost-effective food production, Milky from Agus meets these industries’ expectations. It is dedicated for industrial use in bakery, confectionery, ice cream and dairy. It is suitable for all applications where skimmed and whole milk powder is used. Milky is available in different variants, with fat content ranging from 1% to 80% and protein content from 10% to 25%.

Hello Day!

Hello Day! is a response to consumer needs and changing eating habits. Nowadays, consumers are looking for healthy and simple products that help them maintain a balanced diet and support wellbeing, both at the product and brand value level. In line with our slogan ‘Hello Day! Change Your Life!’ we want to support consumers in changing the way they eat, live, look at the world and think about ecology. We also encourage them to change their habits and attitudes.

Hello Day! is a heart-winning brand spanning beverages, snacks and breakfast products. What makes its products so desirable on the market? The smoothies, honey nut bars, granola and muesli consist of simple, low-processed ingredients and help consumers change their diet and bad eating habits.

Hello Day! Smoothie is an innovative liquid snack in a bottle. It consists of natural, non-concentrated purées, fruit juices and coconut milk, without low-cost fillers. It is produced in aseptic processing technology, creating a shelf-stable beverage that does not need refrigeration, with a long 12-month shelf life. The drink comes in three flavours: passion fruit, pineapple and mango, and is available in a recyclable bottle. Another offering from Agus is Hello Day! Honey Nut Bars, based only on natural ingredients. The bars contain roasted, high-quality nuts and 20% natural blossom honey. There are three flavours: sea salt, cranberry and dark chocolate. All the bars have a pleasant, indulgent, crunchy texture, making them perfect for a quick snack during the day. The product portfolio also includes Hello Day! Granola and Muesli, which are ideal options for a healthy breakfast. This range offers excellent taste, simple ingredients and high fibre content.

See you in Paris!

“Agus will present all these products at Sial Paris. We invite everyone interested in establishing cooperation with us to visit our booth, 5A K 236. Agus is constantly growing, and we are therefore actively looking for new business partners and opportunities to expand our distribution network. Within the cooperation, we offer not only branded, best-quality products, but also our unique know-how based on our knowledge and flexible approach to business,” said Andrzej Mirowski, Agus communications director.

Agus is a food and beverage company, leading in dairy, beverages, snacks, breakfast products and many more categories. We want to bring food and beverages to all people. It is in our DNA to win the hearts of our customers around the world by innovating and creating food and beverage products that meet their everyday needs and desires. Our recognised international and regional brands include Royal Milk, Olimp Milk, Diamond Milk, Imperial, Pride, Majestic, Milmo, Milky and Hello Day! Operating areas are Africa, Central America, the Middle East and Europe. More on

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