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Boost your packaging appearance with Kurita’s proven solution
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

1 June 2022

Boost your packaging appearance with Kurita’s proven solution

Kurita offers an innovative 360° solution for the full water cycle of a food and beverage plant, which will help save water and energy and improve the productivity of a facility.

Kurita is ready to deliver customised solutions that are specifically designed for pasteuriser and autoclave treatment to protect all the parts that are in contact with the treated water to:

  1. Prevent corrosion and scaling

  2. Remove fat and oil

  3. Improve packaging rinsing

  4. And more

Contact an expert to learn more.

Customer success stories proving the efficiency of Kurita’s 360° solution

Case study one: Milk cans steriliser treated with all-in-one product Albaphos FB 9100

Kurita developed Albaphos FB 9100 as a new all-in-one product for the food industry. It combines a powerful fat dispersion with excellent corrosion and deposit control. Albaphos FB 9100 perfectly matches all KPIs of the company’s customers. By using only one product instead of two, Albaphos FB 9100 brings the advantages of reduced equipment, storage capacity and handling costs. A top-up advantage of this treatment solution is the reduction of the environmental footprint. Also, Kurita’s all-in-one product has the following benefits:

• Corrosion inhibition • Scale inhibition • Bio dispersions and anti-foam • Fat and oil removal • Gloss improvement • Repellency optimisation

As a result of changing the treatment, our customer verified an optimisation of up to 50% in their equipment costs. Also, with Kurita’s all-in-one product, they had a safer and reliable dosage, while controlling corrosion, deposit control and fat and oil dispersion at the same time.

Case study two: Successful water treatment in sterilisation process – food producer improves the optical appearance of packaging by scale inhibition with eco-friendly product Albaphos FB 9428 • Perfect optical appearance of the sterilised goods and packaging • Prevention of scale in the steriliser, especially in the heat exchanger

Albaphos FB 9428 keeps the autoclave free of scaling and deposits, decreasing the cleanings and maintenance times. After starting the treatment with Albaphos FB 9428, the closure of the packaging improved significantly their appearance and was not observed corrosion.

Kurita offered a water treatment solution in short term. The food producer was able to meet the demands of its customer. The customer lowered his environmental footprint by changing to an eco-friendlier treatment. Albaphos FB 9428 is easily biodegradable and P-free.

Next level wastewater management

Case study three: Outstanding product recovery in a meat processing plant with S.sensing CS our customer increased revenue in oil and grease sales while improving the overall health of their plant

Through this innovative approach, Kurita was able to increase the client’s lost product recovery by more than 30%, providing two more pounds of marketable oil and grease per animal, which resulted in a cleaner and healthier wastewater lagoon. The results were achieved in both normal operating conditions and upset scenarios. Interestingly, while gains of 0.54 kilograms of FOG per head were noticed during normal operations, the gains during upset conditions proved to be most valuable, with 1-1.5 kilograms of FOG per head captured.

As a result, the client increased its revenue in oil and grease sales and improved the overall health of their wastewater operation. The annualised revenue gains from the Kurita feedforward approach and S.sensing CS technology amounted to over €350,000 (assuming €0.37/kg. market price for inedible tallow).

Learn more about S.sensing Technology here.

Industrial water and process treatment worldwide

With more than 70 years of experience, Kurita provides state-of-the-art solutions tailored to the specific needs of water systems. We are committed to implementing environmentally friendly concepts that conserve natural resources whenever possible.

Contact an expert at Kurita Kurita Europe GmbH Theodor-Heuss-Anlage 2 68165 Mannheim Germany

Phone: +49 621 1218 3000 Fax: +49 621 1218 3600

E-Mail: Webpage:

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