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Faravelli: Behind a great group are always…great women
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

11 April 2022

Faravelli: Behind a great group are always…great women

At Faravelli, a historic distributor of chemical raw materials for industry, women make up an important ‘slice’ of the population (over 60%). They work in offices in Italy, Germany, the Czech Republic, China and Spain.

But who are they and, above all, what does it mean for them to work at the company?

To find it out, in February the company launched an internal survey, proposed anonymously to allow freedom of expression. A few objective questions were asked and then space was given to emotions.

The result is a fast-paced motion graphic, conceptually divided into two parts. The first is dedicated to numbers; the second offers a concentration of answers to the question “what does it mean to be a woman in a company like Faravelli?”

The feedback was powerful, the keywords that emerged were encouraging: flexibility, human relations, inclusiveness, opportunities for growth, protection, satisfaction, fulfilment… all accompanied by a touch of healthy “disenchanted irony,” as the last slide suggests.

Faravelli’s corporate slogan is ‘Behind a great group are always great people’. With this motion graphic, the concept has an additional element, which the company tries to enhance every day.

Thanks to all the “faravelliane” for taking part!

You can also watch the motion graphic on Youtube.

The infographic version of the video is available. Download it here.

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