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Interview: BPI on accelerating craft beverage brands
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

1 March 2022

Interview: BPI on accelerating craft beverage brands

Fresh from a successful exhibition at Gulfood Dubai last month, Beverage Partners International (BPI) is positioned in the marketplace as an ‘international beverage hub’. Spanning functional, wellness and performance beverage categories, their mission is to provide turn-key solutions to their partners – connecting the brands shaking up the beverage industry, with the largest independent bottlers in the world. We caught up with Moshy Cohen, CEO of BPI, for a quick interview on his impressions post-show.

To begin, could you briefly outline BPI and its core objectives as an innovation hub for beverage brands?

BPI is an accelerator for the global beverage industry’s most exciting brands, connecting them with independent bottlers and distributors with the aim of bringing innovative, healthy, craft and functional beverages to the world.

Our organisation includes a team of beverage industry experts (R&D, commercial, sales, ecommerce, operations) with an eye for new, inspiring beverage brands and concepts to meet current consumer needs.

Our brand partners include meaningful partners such as Dilmah Ceylon Tea, Sumol+Compal fruit juices, Teabrary Singapore, SoPro UK, Kofola Czech Republic, BioLift USA and others, but all our partners have a commitment to the same central ethos.

We are all fueled by our dedication to health, wellness and social responsibility. For us, meeting consumer needs goes hand in hand with doing meaningful, sustainable business.

What were your takeaways from Gulfood last month?

Our learnings from Gulfood were much as we expected – craft beverages are the way forward. Just like the brewing industry did with craft beer, consumers want minimally processed, naturally delicious brands that have integrity and meaning. It’s not enough to be new. Brands need to be meaningful and authentic, and that’s why Dilmah Ceylon Iced Tea offers such an amazing opportunity right now.

How was Dilmah Ceylon Iced Tea received at the show? What makes it stand out in the beverage market?

Dilmah Ceylon Iced Tea meets so many important consumer touchpoints, as well as being a truly unique and authentic product.

It’s produced with immense care at every stage of the production process. Single Origin pure Ceylon tea leaves are hand-picked in Sri Lanka and processed at source within 24 hours, a method that locks in the essential flavour, aroma and antioxidants of fresh tea. These are lost if the leaves are packed and processed overseas.

Like all Dilmah products, Dilmah’s Iced Tea range is sustainable and all natural, and puts social responsibility at the heart of its business. Dilmah prioritises protecting and respecting the environment, supporting restoration and conservation of ecosystems, species conservation, climate change research and adaptation, and environmental education and advocacy.

To find out more about BPI’s hub of innovative beverage brands, visit

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