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Manufacturers seek new ingredient alternatives to tackle supply challenges
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

1 November 2022

Manufacturers seek new ingredient alternatives to tackle supply challenges

Shortages have begun to take a toll on food and beverage manufacturers worldwide. Between soaring energy prices, war, shipping and inventory disruptions, agriculture woes and extreme weather, the causes are many. Together, they have had a cascading effect on our food system. Sourcing challenges, particularly with starch, have food company executives even wondering which orders will show up at their factories – and which substitute ingredients are available for recipe revamps.

Reformulation is now the focus for many manufacturers trying to get products to store shelves. But in challenging times such as these, is there a reliable ingredient you can count on as an alternative? Nutrava Citrus Fiber from CP Kelco is upcycled from citrus peels, an abundant byproduct of the juice industry that populates the region of Brazil where the production plant is strategically located.

A unique food ingredient solution, Nutrava Citrus Fiber supports dietary fibre intake as it helps to solve a number of key challenges. And, with an ample supply of citrus fibre raw materials, CP Kelco is well-positioned to help formulators with a variety of products – from dairy and dairy alternatives to beverages, condiments and sauces, fruit-based applications, meats and plant-based meat alternatives. Nutrava Citrus Fiber can help reduce the use of or act as an alternative to starch, sugar, locust bean gum, methylcellulose, egg, tomato paste and other ingredients that may be difficult to source currently.

See why Nutrava Citrus Fiber from CP Kelco is such an a-peeling ingredient alternative to food and beverage product developers.

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