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Amcor, Moët & Chandon unveil plastic-free foil for champagne bottles

Amcor Capsules – a manufacturer of capsules, closures and eco-responsible foils – has partnered with champagne giant Moët & Chandon to launch Essentielle, a new plastic-free foil made of aluminium and paper. The Essentielle foil, set to debut in October 2024, aims to provide a more sustainable alternative to traditional plastic-based solutions for the still wine, sparkling wine and spirits industries. Compared to standard polylaminate foils, the new product has a 31% lower carbon footprint, Amcor said. Essentielle foil contains approximately 60% recyclable aluminium, which retains the aesthetic properties champagne producers require while improving the environmental impact. The paper component is also produced in Europe, further reducing the carbon footprint. "This innovation takes part in Amcor Capsules' Transparence programme that was developed in July 2023 to reduce its environmental impact," the company said in a statement. Amcor has already increased the use of recycled materials in its capsules and screw caps. The move aligns with Moët & Chandon's efforts to drive more sustainable packaging solutions for its iconic champagne brand. "At Moët et Chandon, we are proud to support and accelerate innovation within the Champagne sector," said Sibylle Scherer, president and CEO of Moët. "Our collaboration on the Essentielle project with Amcor Capsules – a leader in its sector and our partner for 15 years – is evidence of this belief." Amcor says the new plastic-free foil will not impact Moët's high-speed bottling and packaging processes, which can handle over 12,000 bottles per hour. This production efficiency was a key consideration in the development of Essentielle. The foil will initially be available with textured finishes to maintain the premium aesthetics champagne producers desire. A smooth version is expected to launch in the first quarter of 2025.


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