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Country Archer Provisions launches meat stick line made from organ meats

Country Archer Provisions has launched a new protein-packed meat stick line: Ancestral Beef Blend. Ancestral Beef Blend meat sticks are made using grass-fed beef combined with a blend of liver and heart meat. The range is available in two flavours: original, which is infused with cracked pepper and garlic, and spicy, a blend of red and white pepper, habanero and chilli powder. According to the company, these nutrient-rich components offer a wide range of health advantages by delivering essential nutrients like iron, zinc and vitamins A and B12, which are crucial for immune function, cognitive health and red blood cell production. Moreover, they provide high levels of healthy fats and protein, "making organ meats a valuable and enriching supplement to any diet". Country Archer Provisions' co-founder and CEO, Eugene Kang, said: "At Country Archer, our aim is to produce better-for-you snacks made from only the highest quality and nutrient-dense ingredients, featuring bold flavours and textures, often venturing into uncharted territories". "Considering the rise in demand for organ meats, we set out to create a delicious and nutrient-rich snack specifically for these consumers. Packed with beef liver and heart, low in sugar, and abundant in protein, this meat stick offers a protein-packed punch." Country Archer Ancestral Blend meat sticks are available at Sprouts stores for $1.99 per 24g stick, with additional retailers to follow this March.


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