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Nescafé taps into iced coffee market with Ice Roast

Under its Nescafé brand, Nestlé has launched Ice Roast, it's first soluble coffee designed especially for use in iced coffee beverages. The product was crafted by experts at Nestlé’s coffee R&D centre in Orbe, Switzerland, in response to rising demand for products that allow people to recreate “café-style” cold coffee experiences in the home. Nestlé says that today, 15% of coffee in the world is consumed cold. Nescafé Ice Roast is made with 100% Robusta coffee beans that are grown and produced sustainably, with a tailored roasting profile to provide a lightly roasted soluble coffee without harsh or bitter notes. The company states that the extraction process was optimised to give a refreshing taste and clear appearance in the cup, with a coffee granule structure that dissolves quickly and easily. Damien Tissot, head of Nestlé's product technology centre for coffee in Orbe, said: "With Ice Roast, we've created a light-medium roast that's ideal to drink cold, with a smooth texture and cocoa notes that unlocks new sensory territory. By applying an innovative mindset, our teams have created a new sensory experience in cold coffee." The Ice Roast coffee is launching in China this month, with Mexico to follow. You may also like to read:


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