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One Brands launches caffeinated protein bars

Hershey-owned One Brands has added a new caffeinated protein bar range – named One Coffee Shop – to its portfolio. The range is available in two flavours: vanilla latte and caramel macchiato. One Coffee Shop bars are packed with 65mg of caffeine, 20g of protein and 1g of sugar. The bars are said to have the same amount of caffeine as a serving of espresso. "This new line of protein bars is made with our energy-seeking coffee lovers top of mind," said Eric Clawson, One Brands' general manager. "Our innovative, creative team took the two most popular coffee flavours, vanilla and caramel, to produce brand-new coffee masterpieces." One Coffee Shop bars are available at select retailers nationwide, including Circle K, 7-Eleven, Vitamin Shoppe and GNC.


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