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Plant-Based Taste Awards: 2023 shortlist announced

We are delighted to present the highly-anticipated shortlist for the prestigious Plant-Based Taste Awards. After careful deliberation and rigorous judging, the top contenders in various categories have emerged as the tastiest in the plant-based sector. These exceptional products represent the pinnacle of innovation and flavor within the plant-based food industry. The unveiling of this shortlist marks a significant step toward recognising and celebrating the outstanding contributions to the ever-evolving world of plant-based cuisine. Join FoodBev Media in celebrating all these entries and announce the winners at Plant Based World Expo Europe on November 15th. Make sure to join us at Plant Based World Expo Europe for the winner's ceremony, find out more information HERE Please see the full shortlist below.

Bacon THIS™- THIS™ Isn't Streaky Bacon La Vie™ - La Vie™ Plant-Based Smoked Bacon

Beverage Optimum Nutrition - Clear Protein- 100% Plant Protein Isolate Juicy Peach Yili Group - PlantiFresh

Breakfast Product La Boulangère Vegan - La Boulangère Vegan Croissants La Boulangère Vegan - La Boulangère Vegan Pains au Chocolat CENTURY PACIFIC FOOD INC. - UnMeat Plant-Based Luncheon Meat Hot & Spicy GoE Wellness - Healthfullicious'ly Wake Crunch Naturli' Foods - Naturli' Organic Spreadable

Burger Unconventional Taste - Unconventional Plant Based Burger THIS™ - THIS™ Isn't Beef Burgers Redefine Meat™ - Redefine Meat™ Premium Burger DACSA GROUP - PLANT BASED BURGER

Cheese Honestly Tasty - Garlic & Herb Honestly Tasty- Bree Verdino Green Foods - Mr Plantel White Greek Plant-Based Block in Brine 400g Armored Fresh - Oat Milk Cheese Planteneers - Plant-Based Alternative to Parmesan Cheese Purezza - Stracciazza

Chicken Vegetarian Plus by Myrtle Greens - Vegetarian Plus Vegan Boneless Chicken Wings Umiami - Umami Chicken Fillet Verdino Green Foods - Verdino Plant-Based Like Chicken Fillet Daiya Foods - Daiya BBQ Plant-Based Chick'n Style Thin Crust Pizza CENTURY PACIFIC FOOD INC. - UnMeat Meat-Free Chicken-Style Chunks Quorn Foods - Quorn Spicy Buffalo Fillets Novameat - Pulled Nova-ch✽cken Planteneers - Plant-Based Alternative to Chicken Breast

Chocolate Vego Good Food Limited - VEGO Crisp Booja-Booja - Gourmet Selection No.1 LoveRaw - Peanut Caramel Bar

Confectionery Optimum Nutrition - Double Rich Chocolate Plant Protein Bar LESBIOFRERES - Betwelve organic (Vitamin B12) raspberry flavour Dandies Marshmallows - Dandies® Campers® Dandies Marshmallows - Dandies® Maple Flavoured Marshmallows GoE Wellness - Orange & Cinnamon Protein and Vitamin Truffles Narayan Foods - Ohney - World's first plant based honey

Convenience/ on-the-go product La Boulangère Vegan - La Boulangère Vegan Pains au Chocolat La Boulangère Vegan - La Boulangère Vegan Croissants CENTURY PACIFIC FOOD INC. - UnMeat Meat-Free Roast Beef-Style CENTURY PACIFIC FOOD INC. - UnMeat Meat-Free Chili with Beans dsm-firmenich - Vertis™ CanolaPRO® nutrition bar with cranberry Sproutje - Super Bolognese Planteneers - Plant-Based Alternative to Whitefish Filet With Mediterranean Sauce (Tray-Baked) Mabel's Foods ltd - Vegan Yorkshire Puddings

Deli Product Novameat - Deli Nova-t*rkey Le grand Bluff - Le Fou Gras La Vie™ - La Vie™ Plant-Based Smoked Ham

Dessert Nanuk NV Vecuisine - Vegan Belgian Chocolate mousse crumble Nanuk NV Vecuisine - Vegan passionfruit/mango mousse crumble

Ice cream Valsoia - Triple pistachio mini stick Valsoia - Chocolate swirl & chocolate chips cookie

Milk alternative GoE Wellness - Healthfullicious'ly Plant Based Drink GoE Wellness - 'EMPIE vanilla Wild Oats - Wild Oats Barista Milk

Ready meal More Alternative Foods - More Foods Succulent Shawarma DACSA GROUP - PLANT-BASED BEANS WITH CHORIZO AND TOMATOE Szafi Products - Bolognese dish with lentil

Sausage Unconventional Taste - Unconventional Plant Based Hotdog Sausage THIS™ - THIS™ Isn't Pork Sausages

Savoury snack Aviko - Plant based Chili Cheezz Nuggets Aviko - Plant based Cheezz Onion Rings DACSA GROUP - Arancini

Seafood Revo Foods GmbH - THE FILET Verdino Green Foods - Unfished PlantZalmon Smoked Slices Verdino Green Foods - Unfished PlantFish White Fillet dsm-firmenich - Plant-based tuna flakes

Whole-cut Product Umiami - Umiami Chicken Fillet Redefine Meat™ - Redefine Meat™ Beef Flank Unconventional Taste - Unconventional Plant-Based Meat Balls


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