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Roquette launches plant-based Nutralys Fava S900M ingredient

Ingredient solutions provider Roquette has unveiled Nutralys Fava S900M, its first fava bean protein isolate, across Europe and North America. This new addition to Roquette's Nutralys plant protein range delivers a 90% protein content, making it suitable for a variety of applications, including meat substitutes, non-dairy alternatives and baked goods. The product offers a clean taste, light colour and excellent functional properties. Roquette will showcase Nutralys Fava S900M at the Future Food-Tech’s Alternative Proteins Summit in Chicago on June 17-18, where attendees can sample a coconut milk concept featuring the new protein. Romain Joly, global head of proteins business line at Roquette, said: "Part of the pulse family, fava beans have long been valued for their properties in textured applications. Through extensive research and development, we have been able to unlock the immense potential of fava beans in protein fortification." Nutralys Fava S900M aims to expand the alternative protein options available to food manufacturers, addressing the increasing demand for sustainable, nutritious and indulgent plant-based foods. Its high protein concentration allows for low usage ratios, making it an attractive option for optimising formulations and cost efficiency. The ingredient's versatility and functionality make it ideal for various applications, from non-dairy products to meat substitutes. In addition to its technical advantages, Nutralys Fava S900M offers sustainability benefits. Fava beans are recognised for their agronomic advantages, such as natural nitrogen-fixing capacity, which reduces the need for nitrogen fertilisers. Roquette sources its fava beans locally and manufactures the protein isolate at its production plant in Portage la Prairie in Manitoba, Canada. Benjamin Voiry, marketing – plant proteins at Roquette, added: "At Roquette, we're committed to the continuous advancement of sustainability and innovation. With Nutralys Fava S900M, we're not just introducing a new ingredient; we're offering a solution that addresses the evolving needs of the industry while prioritising environmental responsibility." Roquette's new fava bean protein isolate is designed to meet the needs of food manufacturers looking to innovate and differentiate in the competitive plant-based market. The ingredient's high gel strength, viscosity control and stability under varying conditions provide formulation flexibility, while its neutral taste and light colour enhance product appeal without compromising aesthetics.


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