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Good health to all: SMI solutions for Arden's Garden
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

6 November 2023

Good health to all: SMI solutions for Arden's Garden

Only by eating fresh, natural and genuine products can we feel better. Man is what he eats. For this reason, it is essential to eat healthily and well, because food reflects on people's emotions and happiness. Eating fresh, natural and genuine products will leave you feeling better both physically and mentally. Everything that grows on a tree or comes out of the ground is vital for our body: lots of water, few calories, full of water-soluble vitamins, unrefined sugars and mineral salts. Fresh fruit and vegetables are a real panacea for our body because they are filling foods, rich in fibre, vitamins and nutrients.

This is what Arden Zinn always thought. A woman dedicated to the well-being of others, who, starting from a simple juicer, founded the company Arden's Garden – an important company in the United States for the production of fruit juices and extracts, and many other healthy, genuine foods. These simple assumptions were the basis for the creation and growth of a modern company that uses packaging systems of the latest generation. SMI solutions for Arden's Garden Arden’s Garden produces a very wide range of fruit juices in 15.2oz and 2oz PET bottles, packed in packs in film only by SMI's shrink wrapper from the ASW 50 F ERGON range, equipped with a 90° product feeding system. To meet the requirements of such varied production, Arden's Garden, founded by Zinn in 1995, uses extremely flexible SMI systems that – thanks to innovative technical solutions to perform easy, fast and cost-saving format changeover – meet the needs of a constantly changing market.

Key benefits:

  1. The ASW 50 F ERGON shrink wrapper installed at the Arden's Garden plant is a compact solution that easily adapts to end-of-line logistics conditions

  2. Ergonomic structure: In the infeed section, the shrink wrapper is equipped with a single lane infeed system, which facilitates the correct channelling of the bulk containers on a conveyor belt, equipped with low friction, thermoplastic chains

  3. The machine has a reduced footprint, thanks to the 90° product infeed

  4. Thanks to the single-lane conveyor belt, a divider is not needed for product laning, with consequent economic advantages

  5. In the section where the format is formed, a group of dividing bars group the containers in a linear and continuous way; in this section, a twin belt system separates the products through an electronic cam according to the format to be processed

  6. Thanks to the rotating infeed, the loose products are pushed from the single lane infeed conveyor to the pack conveyor in a smooth and efficient way

  7. Easy, fast and cost-saving format changeover: The single-lane infeed offers the advantage of processing different types of containers of various sizes without needing additional belt equipment. As a result, format changes are extremely easy and fast as it is not necessary to adjust all the guides of the various lanes

  8. Precise and accurate film-cutting operations thanks to the blade controlled by a direct-drive brushless motor

  9. High operational flexibility: The ASW range is suitable for processing a wide range of containers with cylindrical, oval or square/rectangular base

  10. Simplified maintenanceThe benefits of fruit extracts Fruit and vegetables are essential for our health. They are healthy fuel for the human body, readily available and easy to digest. Each piece of fruit is rich in vitamins and minerals and has particular beneficial and healing properties, which remain unchanged in cold-pressed juices. Traditional fruit juices contain sugars, preservatives and sweeteners. On the contrary, the cold extracts of 100% natural fruit and vegetables are made only with the best "raw materials" available, without adding preservatives, water, dyes and sugars. Thanks to the presence of amino acids, mineral salts, enzymes and vitamins, juices extracted from fruit and vegetables are essential to regenerate the human body. They are good for you from head to toe, to integrate nutrients, purify the body and strengthen our immune systems. But in order to fully enjoy all these benefits, live juices must be extracted in the correct way, using extractors capable of keeping their precious properties active.

Arden's Garden produces a wide range of cold-pressed juices, a system that does not use heat, oxygen or other pasteurisation methods that damage the nutrients found in fruit and vegetables.

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