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Unveiling the 100% natural ‘secret’ ingredient for bolder flavours, brighter colours and compelling nutrition benefits

Today's food and beverage manufacturers face mounting pressure from both consumers and industry bodies to reduce sugar in their products while adding fibre and nutrients, meeting clean label expectations and keeping costs low. That's a hefty challenge for innovators trying to formulate winning recipes for consumers with ever-increasing expectations. Could a simple base ingredient help? Traditionally playing a bulking role in recipes, base ingredients are typically sugary ingredients such as apple puree or orange juice. But there is a secret ingredient that provides sweet relief – a neutral, white vegetable base like Carte Blanche from SVZ, which not only reduces sugar content but can also support producers with flavour, colour and nutritional benefits. A health hero Health, immunity and wellness have been trending in recent years, and consumer interest in them isn’t set to decline. Food and beverage manufacturers are responding to this demand by developing products with healthier credentials – and a naturally low sugar base created with minimally processed vegetables provides producers with a great starting point. By harnessing the natural goodness of white pumpkins, carrots and rice, Carte Blanche offers a convincing low-sugar alternative to traditional puree bases. Plus, it also allows manufacturers to incorporate the fibre, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are present in vegetables into their end products. Create vibrant visions Consumers are increasingly drawn to colourful, visually appealing food and drinks. Although we have always “eaten with our eyes”, social media has increased the necessity that foods are bright and bold – however, achieving vivid colours that attract shoppers is difficult without a base that is completely neutral. Bright colours stimulate our senses and can convey freshness, nutrition and indulgence, but traditional base ingredients can often make shades appear muddy or diminished. As Carte Blanche is made with white vegetables only, manufacturers can adjust their products’ hue easily – allowing producers to differentiate their products on both supermarket shelves and social media feeds.

Clean label champions Products with recognisable ingredient lists are at the top of consumers’ priority lists as the demand for clean, minimally processed foods rises. Replacing multiple individual ingredients – for sugar reduction, functionality and bulking, for example – with a single, 100% natural solution like Carte Blanche results in a cleaner product composition. Plus, as the neutrality of the base – both in terms of flavour and colour – allows manufacturers to easily build exciting tastes and a vibrant appearance, the need for artificial additives to significantly alter these qualities is negated. Making the product even more appealing to today’s savvy shoppers. A blank canvas With industry trends constantly evolving, Carte Blanche provides a much-needed building block for customisation. Easily tailored to meet specific application requirements, manufacturers can use the ingredient’s neutrality to craft unique flavours and create bold visual appeal. This versatility empowers producers to create products that cater to diverse consumer preferences while keeping ingredient lists concise and straightforward. Carte Blanche is a 100% natural, low in sugar and neutral flavour base that offers manufacturers the flexibility, control and freedom to overcome key formulation challenges. To learn more about the ingredient, and to discover how SVZ’s functional white vegetable base can transform your next product, visit our website here.


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