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Exberry unveils oil-dispersible yellow concentrate made from turmeric
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

11 May 2023

Exberry unveils oil-dispersible yellow concentrate made from turmeric

Exberry by GNT has released an oil-dispersible yellow concentrate made from turmeric. The new launch is said to help food and beverage manufacturers achieve vibrant yellow shades in fat-based applications. Shade Bright Yellow– OD is an oil-dispersible liquid made using traditional, physical processing methods. It is also considered clean label. The liquid is created by dispersing small turmeric-based powder particles – through a multi-stage milling process – in sunflower oil. This enables the concentrate to produce bright, homogenous yellow shades, which are suitable for a wide range of applications, including compound coatings, ice cream coatings, fat compounds for chocolate decorations and seasoning mixes for savoury snacks. Sonja Scheffler, head of product management at GNT, said: “Our Exberry OD colours provide outstanding visual intensity in some of the most challenging applications and Exberry Shade Bright Yellow – OD is an exciting new addition to the range". She continued: "Turmeric is a well known, on-trend ingredient that is approved for use in most countries worldwide and provides wonderfully vibrant yellow hues. The new product is pumpable for low-water applications, too, making it easy to handle.” Exberry's OD range also includes shades of red, pink, orange, blue and green, as well as a safflower-based yellow. All of Exberry's colours are made with natural processes, are plant-based and come from edible fruits, vegetables and plants.

  1. Exberry recently announced that developed the “first” purely oil-based food colouring, Shade Vivid Orange – OS, made from paprika seed oil and paprika pulp. It was created to meet the demand for low-dosage, clean-label colouring ingredients that deliver bright orange hues.

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