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A fast and simple way to reduce brewing energy costs with Brewers Clarex
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

27 October 2022

A fast and simple way to reduce brewing energy costs with Brewers Clarex

Rising energy costs are affecting all brewers right now. But what if we told you that it’s possible to unlock significant energy and cost savings by making just one simple change to your beer stabilisation process?

Welcome to DSM’s Brewers Clarex. Today, this established solution for chill haze prevention is used by eight out of the top ten global brewers. So, if you would like to cut your energy usage by up to 7% and increase capacity by up to 20%…read on.

A unique brewing enzyme

Brewers Clarex is an enzyme-based (ie. natural) solution that you simply add in a small liquid dose at the start of the fermentation process – with no special equipment or major CAPEX required.

It then immediately starts breaking down the proteins that attach to polyphenols in hops that cause chill haze, attaining excellent colloidal stability in just four days – which enables you to increase brewing capacity by up to 20%.

Crucially, we help you achieve this at higher temperatures with no effect on beer quality. In fact, Life Cycle Analyses have demonstrated 6-7% energy savings when stabilising at 4°C with Brewers Clarex, compared to cold conditioning at 0°C. That equates to a saving of €70,000 per million hectolitres of beer brewed.

Putting our energy into great-tasting beer

Importantly, because Brewers Clarex is enzyme-based, there is no compromise on the taste and foam quality of your beer – as proven in independent trials. We want to help you create delicious and sustainable beers that your consumers will love, at a lower cost and using less energy.

So, if you’re open to innovation, why not get in touch? Our brewmasters will be happy to arrange a trial to demonstrate exactly how you can enjoy it all.

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