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Bühler unveils successor to Airtronic Roller Mill with Arrakis upgrade
Siân Yates

Siân Yates

7 June 2024

Bühler unveils successor to Airtronic Roller Mill with Arrakis upgrade

Swiss technology group Bühler has launched Arrakis, a new roller mill that builds upon its Airtronic model, as the company looks to bolster its grinding portfolio.

The Arrakis, which Bühler describes as the "successor of the Airtronic," is designed to offer enhanced efficiency, reliability and ease of operation for customers in the milling industry.

"Airtronic was a solid machine, and its durability is exactly what made it beloved by millers all around the world," said Marcel Scherrer, head of business unit Wheat & Rye at Bühler. "We took what we learned from the success of this icon and used it as a foundation to build upon when developing Arrakis."

Key features of the new roller mill include a patented grinding gap adjustment mechanism for stable grinding performance, a cast stand to dampen vibrations, and a load cell sensor to regulate the feeding gap for maximum efficiency.

The Arrakis also boasts an intuitive interface for simplified controls and remote access capabilities.

Additionally, the new model is designed with ease of installation in mind, as it can be swapped one-to-one with the Airtronic without complex building adaptations. 

Urs Schwendener, product manager for Milling Solutions at Bühler, added: "We also thought of our customers who want to upgrade their systems. Conversions of existing productions are usually very complex, and the available space is limited. With the Arrakis, we have the opportunity to replace Airtronic and other roller mills in a short time, thereby saving valuable production time."

Bühler, a leading provider of milling solutions with a market experience spanning over 160 years, produces around 2,500 roller mills per year, with about 65% of the world's wheat milled using the company's equipment.

"Being the successor of such a beloved roller mill places high expectations on Arrakis. Nonetheless, the introduction of the Arrakis is driving advancements in the industry and helps our customers maintain their competitive edge," Scherrer added.

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