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Blupura launches line of water filter cartridges
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

12 October 2023

Blupura launches line of water filter cartridges

Blupura has announced the launch of its first line of filter cartridges, named Blutron. The product line is said to be the result of Blupura's commitment to providing high-quality drinking water through uncompromising choices in materials and components.

According to Blupura, the name Blutron "is not just onomatopoeic but also evokes the power and effectiveness" of this new product range. The range includes five different types of filters: Shield, which removes chlorine, taste and odour using a 0.5-micron carbon block cartridge with silver ions; Ultra, suitable for places like schools and hospitals, with ultrafiltration at 0.1 microns with silver ions to block bacteria; Ionic, good for reducing water hardness and preventing limescale build-up, especially in hot water systems. Micro, a 0.5-micron carbon block cartridge system with bacteriostatic filtration system; and Block, a pre-filter used in installations where the network water has many residues or upstream of a reverse osmosis filtration, with clarifying action. All Blutron filters are exclusively manufactured in Italy. The production process includes thorough assessments of organoleptic, microscopic and performance controls. In addition, every single component is traceable and subjected to specific structured tests. Blutron is produced using vegetable-activated carbons sourced solely from Europe. Blutron cartridges can be housed directly within the water dispenser or externally, making assembly and replacement procedures "simple and quick".

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