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Huhtamaki fibre technology and solutions help customers reach their sustainability goals
FoodBev Media

FoodBev Media

26 May 2022

Huhtamaki fibre technology and solutions help customers reach their sustainability goals

Huhtamaki is a key global provider of sustainable solutions for on-the-go and on-the-shelf food and beverage packaging. With 100 years of history and a strong Nordic heritage, the company operates in 38 countries and across 114 operating locations around the world. Huhtamaki offers innovative packaging solutions both in flexible packaging and fibre packaging, that ensure hygiene and safety for the consumer and help prevent food waste.

Fibre technology and solutions

Huhtamaki’s fibre business specialises in sustainable and innovative moulded fibre packaging. Combining deep understanding of industry and consumer needs with cutting-edge technology, the company produces fibre products that are food-safe, sustainable and innovative, without compromising the key functionality. The focus is on using materials in a smart, purposeful manner. Collaboration with customers is key in order to co-create solutions that are both functional and environmentally viable.

One of the company’s fibre packaging manufacturing sites in Alf, Germany, recently switched its focus from plastics to smooth moulded fibre products to meet the growing demand for plastic-free alternatives for food packaging. In 2022, the site plans to replace more than 2,000 tons of plastic with fibre. The state-of-the-art automated manufacturing site will have the capacity to manufacture up to 3.5 billion fibre products annually. This represents the first such large-scale production capability in Europe.

Supporting customers in their sustainability journeys

Huhtamaki’s fibre-based packaging innovations are already in use by some of the world’s leading foodservice operators. Popular brands such as Unilever’s Fru Fru, Calippo and Carte D’Or, as well as McDonald’s, have been able to significantly reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging by replacing it with Huhtamaki’s fibre-based, renewable and recyclable alternatives.

Huhtamaki has enabled a transition to recyclable fibre-based packaging for the Fru Fru brand’s short-shelf life ready meal trays, available in Romania. Made with FSC-certified wood fibre sourced from sustainably managed forests, the new packaging innovation is recyclable, certified for home composting and offers a natural alternative to plastic trays.​ Introducing these award-winning fresh trays for Fru Fru has the potential to eliminate 400,000 units of plastic trays every year.

For the frozen dessert brand Calippo, the packaging used for squeezes has been redesigned to reduce the amount of plastic consumed by 58%​. Thanks to an overall weight reduction, the optimised packaging reduces waste.

Huhtamaki has also worked with Carte D’Or to shift the packaging for their ice cream to recyclable paper tubs and lids. This will help the brand eliminate more than 900 tons of virgin plastic in the UK annually.

Furthermore, our multiple award-winning Sundae cup and lid, developed with McDonald’s and Havi, is made from 100% renewable resources with wood fibres from sustainably managed forests. It is recyclable and compostable. Moreover, this plant-based innovation provides the insulating effect needed for ice cream packaging – also ensuring a great consumer experience.

In addition to moulded fibre technology, Huhtamaki also offers extensive paper-based flexible packaging solutions to serve different customer needs. These include Push Tab Paper, the industry-first paper-based blister solution, and Blueloop PaperLid, a sustainable lidding alternative to traditional laminates.

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