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Love is in the air: Valentine's Day product highlights
News Desk

News Desk

5 February 2024

Love is in the air: Valentine's Day product highlights

As Valentine's Day approaches, the F&B industry is unveiling an array of products and giftsets to enhance celebrations with loved ones. From the return of Tyson’s heart-shaped chicken nuggets to indulgent 24-karat gold-covered chocolates, this season offers an abundance of options to make Valentine's Day truly special. Explore some of the irresistible treats on offer for Valentine’s Day 2024. Mars' Valentine's Day chocolate gifts Mars has presented what it calls its “most innovative and decadent” Valentine’s Day line-up this year in the US, including the launch of a new dark chocolate and strawberry bar under its Dove brand. The new seasonal treat combines rich dark chocolate with a sweet strawberry-flavoured swirl, described by the confectionery giant as an “on-trend flavour innovation that is sure to delight fans”. Alongside this, an array of limited-edition Valentine's-themed treats from Mars include Dove Milk & Dark Chocolate Hearts, M&M’s Novelty Heart Topper and Lifesavers Wild Berry Gummies. Tim LeBel, president of sales at Mars Wrigley, commented: "Whether gifting chocolate and candy to others, or treating yourself, we’ve crafted a line-up of fun and delicious offerings to celebrate the season. Valentine’s Day is a special occasion to create moments of happiness with friends and loved ones."

Maltesers hot chocolate giftset In the UK, Mars is unveiling a Maltesers hot chocolate gift set, catering to consumers seeking thoughtful product options for both Valentine's Day and Mother's Day celebrations.’ Each set contains three sachets of Maltesers instant milk hot chocolate and Maltesers instant white hot chocolate. The kits also include a variety of toppings, including: heart-shaped marshmallows, heart-shaped sprinkles and chocolate drops. Michelle Frost, general manager of Mars chocolate drinks and treats, said: “After the success of our Galaxy and Celebrations hot chocolate stations, we anticipate that Maltesers with Love Instant Hot Chocolate Kit will add a new, fun dimension to our range, boosted by the strength of the Maltesers brand and our track record of category growth.” Maltesers With Love Instant Hot Chocolate Kit is available to buy in select UK retailers now.

Tyson heart-shaped chicken nuggets Tyson’s heart-shaped chicken nuggets are returning for a fifth consecutive year. The nuggets are made with 100% white chicken meat, and come pre-cooked and lightly breaded. The limited-edition nuggets can be found in the freezer aisle at select stores across the US. Colleen Hall, senior director of marketing at Tyson, said: “If the way to one’s heart is really through the stomach, then Nuggets of Love are a must-have this year. There’s no better way to celebrate the season of love than with a heart-shaped chicken nugget. That’s why we’re making it easier than ever for fans to get their hands on these heart-shaped nuggets with expanded distribution nationwide.”

Hotel Chocolat's February 14th range This year, Hotel Chocolat has added five new products to its Valentine’s Day line-up. The Nice Slice: Valentine’s Edition is a delectable fridge cake adorned with solid caramel-milk chocolate love hearts. Meanwhile, Love Potions Minidomes features 16 chocolate melt-in-the-middle mini domes in four flavours: Pistachi-oh, You’re Berry Special, Hello, Honey, and I Like You Cherry Much. The line also includes Raspberry and Peach Ribbon Bags, which contain 12 fruity chocolate hearts presented in ribbon bags. Complementing this, Hotel Chocolat has also unveiled two new flavours of its Love Heart Selectors: strawberry mousse and amaretto.

Aldi’s sparkling wine and prosecco Supermarket chain Aldi has introduced a limited edition, pink-labelled Costellore Prosecco Vino Frizzante. The vegan Italian sparkling wine offers notes of lemon, grapefruit and peach, with subtle hints of melon. For those opting to celebrate Valentine’s Day with friends (known as Pal-entine's), Aldi has introduced its Specially Selected Fleurs D'eau Rosé. This pale pink sparkling wine features aromas of red and white fruits, complemented by sweet candy notes. In addition, fizzy rosé fans can indulge in the supermarket's Organic Prosecco Rosé, with its distinct pear, watermelon and apricot flavours, culminating with an off-dry cherry finish.

Compartés chocolate gift boxes US-based gourmet chocolatier, Compartés, has unveiled a collection of premium chocolate gifts, including two thoughtfully crafted heart-shaped boxes. Valentine’s Day 24-karat Gold Moët Champagne Chocolate Box features Moët & Chandon Champagne-infused dark chocolate truffles, adorned with a dusting of 24-karat gold, which are elegantly presented in a keepsake box featuring a green crocodile print. Valentine's Day Vegan Chocolate Truffle Gift Box is a limited-edition chocolate box containing dark chocolates, filled with rich dark chocolate ganache, each featuring a delicate heart print, and presented in a stylish red crocodile print gift box. This is a vegan-friendly option. Krispy Kreme Dough-Notes Krispy Kreme has introduced Dough-Notes, a distinctive collection of baked goods presented in a specially designed 'Dough-Notes' dozens box, providing a designated space for consumers to provide a handwritten note, allowing for a personalised touch to accompany the confection. This limited-edition assortment showcases heart-shaped doughnuts, each bearing endearing phrases. The range includes: "You Colour My World" – filled with cake batter Kreme filling, dipped in red coloured icing and rainbow heart blended sprinkles; "I Love You A Choco-Lot" – filled with chocolate Kreme filling, dipped in chocolate icing and piped with a rose; "You’re Berry Sweet" – filled with white Kreme filling, dipped in strawberry icing and sprinkles; and "Without You, I’d Crumble" – filled with cookie dough Kreme filling, dipped in chocolate icing and chocolate chip cookie crumble. “People aren’t just craving delicious doughnuts, they crave connection, and our new collection satisfies both needs,” says Dave Skena, global chief brand officer for Krispy Kreme. “A dozen Valentine’s Day doughnuts in our custom Dough-Notes dozens box is the perfect gesture to show someone special in your life how much you love and care about them.”

Cake or Death Valentine’s brownie box Cake or Death's limited-edition Valentine's box showcases the company's signature fudgy brownies paired with LoveRaw's Cre&m Wafer bars. The vegan brownies are topped with one of three plant-based white chocolate messages – 'bestie' and 'love you' for the six-brownie pack, and 'Valentine' for the ten-brownie pack. Additionally, consumers can include a personalised message with each box, which can be conveniently delivered on a chosen date directly through letterboxes across the UK until February 13th."

Starbuck's Valentine's frappuccinos Starbucks Japan has introduced the White Opera Frappuccino this year, complementing the previously launched Opera Frappuccino for Valentine’s Day. Both beverages feature a blend of coffee and almond flavours in the base. Distinguished by its white chocolate chip infusion, the new White Opera Frappuccino offers a unique twist. At the same time, the original Opera Frappuccino boasts a dark chocolate element for a more pronounced bitterness. Inspired by French Opera Cake, which is characterised by layers of coffee syrup-soaked almond sponge, ganache and buttercream, all enveloped in a chocolate glaze, these frappuccinos pay homage to the classic confection. As an additional touch, Starbucks Japan is unveiling a variation of both frappuccinos, adorned with a vibrant red glaze made from raspberries, strawberries and cranberries. Haribo heart gummies Confectionery giant Haribo has launched its Valentine’s Day product line for 2024, featuring its new Heart Throbs range, featuring the iconic heart-shaped fruit gum and foam sweet piece from Haribo Starmix. Catherine Johnson, category strategy and shopper marketing controller at Haribo UK, said: “Being a clear fan favourite, we knew we had to bring back for 2024 to help people celebrate the season whether to treat friends, family, or someone special. We’re excited to see them back on shelves, but hurry; they’re available for a limited time only.” As Valentine’s Day becomes a pivotal period for the confectionery industry, Haribo aims to cater to consumer demand for high-quality and affordable treats. The Heart Throbs range, strategically released to align with seasonal spending patterns, is now available in stores across the UK.

McDonald's limited-edition pink range McDonald's has expanded its dessert selection in the UK with two exclusive offerings for Valentine's Day. The new KitKat Ruby Chocolate McFlurry blends ruby chocolate-covered KitKat pieces and a raspberry sauce, replacing the traditional chocolate sauce. For those consumers looking for a 'lighter' option, a mini size is also available. Accompanying this is the Raspberry and White Chocolate Pie. Encased in a crispy pink pastry, this sweet treat features a smooth white chocolate ganache and raspberry compote. Both limited-edition offerings will be accessible from 7 February to 13 March.

AeroPress' pink portable coffee maker AeroPress has unveiled a pink variation of its coffee-maker. Utilising the same technology as AeroPress Original and Clear, the machine efficiently produces up to four grit-free coffee variations within minutes, including americano, latte, espresso and cold brew. Aeropress is a compact coffee press that employs a plunger mechanism to generate a vacuum, compelling water through coffee grounds, paper filter and directly into a mug. Now available in a pink hue, the AeroPress Clear Pink makes for an ideal Valentine's Day-themed gift.

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