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Acti+ introduces new clean energy drink flavour

Clean energy drink brand Acti+ has rebranded its range in the UK market, alongside the introduction of a brand-new flavour. Newly available in Peach & Apricot flavour – as well as a revamped formulation of its Strawberry & Dragonfruit variety – the energy drinks contain nootropic ingredients such as Korean ginseng extract, eight vitamins and minerals and zero sugar. They are sweetened with stevia and contain natural caffeine, designed to offer a ‘clean’ energy boost. According to the brand, its range aims to provide support to consumers with busy lifestyles and fuel performance while removing ‘negativity and nasties,’ eliminating some of the unhealthy ingredients found in other energy drinks that can lead to a ‘crash’ later on. Barnaby Hughes, chief marketing officer at Acti+, said: “Traditional energy drinks are laden with sugar, and artificial ingredients and preservatives that half of us can’t even pronounce. With Acti+, we say ‘enough’ to shouty, sugary, artificial energy drinks that don’t support consumer health goals, as we look to disrupt the industry with a delicious and truly healthy product for the discerning energy drink consumer.” Acti+’s revamped range is now available across Tesco, WHSmith and Holland & Barret stores across the UK, as well as online via Amazon.


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