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Blendid expands robotic kiosk menu

Robotic food service solutions Blendid has expanded its 2024 menu designed to meet diverse beverage preferences and nutritional needs. Developed in partnership with personal trainers and fitness experts, the new menu has been available at the Bay Club locations in California, US, since late last week. Furthermore, it will be accessible at all autonomous robotic kiosk locations powered by Blendid technology later this month. The 2024 Blendid kiosk menu features a variety of options. From high-protein drinks made with almond milk, super greens, whey proteins and a variety of vitamin-packed fruits to caffeinated beverage choices like cold brew and seasonal flavoured drinks. There are also hydrating drink options providing low-calorie nutrition and Blendid's traditional smoothies with a full selection of customisable blends and add-ons.

Blendid currently operates kiosk locations in a variety of non-traditional venues, including active-lifestyle and athletic clubs, shopping centres, colleges and university campuses and corporate offices. Vipin Jain, CEO and co-founder of Blendid, said: “Since expanding into the athletic club industry in 2023 through our collaboration with The Bay Club Company, we’ve seen tremendous interest in expanded menu options focused on meeting varied nutritional and fitness needs across all of our locations". "We are dedicated to driving the health-conscious reinvention of fast food, and our robotic kiosks can now deliver fast, customisable and nutritious on-the-go choices across a wide variety of beverage options that consumers crave. We think the introduction of our new menu is perfectly timed as the start of the year always creates an even stronger focus on health and wellness; our customers at fitness centres, hospitals, college campuses, retail centres and more will eagerly embrace the new options in the coming year.”


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