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Bodyarmor debuts "rapid" rehydration beverage

Bodyarmor Sports Nutrition has launched its first "rapid" rehydration beverage, Bodyarmor Flash IV, in four flavours. The rehydration beverage is scientifically formulated to ensure the right balance of carbohydrates and electrolytes for faster absorption and replenishment. Developed with the same coconut water base used in the Bodyarmor Sports Drink, it features added functionality with Zinc, Vitamins B and C to support a healthy immune system, and no artificial flavours, sweeteners or dyes. Bodyarmor Sports Nutrition CEO, Federico Muyshondt, said: “Bodyarmor transformed the sports drink category with its better-for-you hydration options and now we’re excited to do the same in rapid rehydration with Bodyarmor Flash IV. We’re always looking to innovate and provide consumers with hydration options they want and need and we can’t wait to showcase our latest game-changer yet.” Bodyarmor Flash IV comes in a 20oz, square bottle and contains over 2200mg of electrolytes. The beverage will launch in four flavours including Grape, Strawberry Kiwi, Orange, and Tropical Punch and will be available in US stores and online via Amazon in 2024.


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