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Cabosse Naturals launches cacao fruit powder

Cabosse Naturals has developed a new cacao fruit powder ingredient that can be used to replace refined sugar in food manufacturing. Claimed by Cabosse to be the “first of its kind on the market”, the free-flowing powder is made from 100% pure cacao fruit powder. The ingredients company – a subsidiary of chocolate manufacturer Barry Callebaut – said the launch caters to growing consumer demand for products containing less refined sugar and “kinder to the environment” ingredients. Cacao fruit contains a nutritious pulp that surrounds its beans, which are harvested and used in the manufacture of chocolate. The upcycled cacao fruit powder is obtained from this sweet, fruity pulp which would otherwise go to waste. William Angleys, sales director at Cabosse Naturals said: “This new powder brings the characteristic fresh fruitiness of the cacao fruit pulp to new creations and, thanks to its fruity taste and natural sweetness, it can replace refined sugar in fat-based fillings in confectionery and ice cream”. In the UK in 2022, Waitrose was the first to market a product containing Cabosse Naturals cacao fruit ingredients, using the pulp of the fruit in its No.1 WholeFruit Special Edition Bar to bring a citrus taste to the chocolate.


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