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Chobani introduces new line of dessert-inspired Greek yogurts

Chobani has introduced a new line of dessert-inspired Greek yogurts, called Chobani Creations. Chobani Creations is available in six flavours: Mocha tiramisu, which features whipped cream coffee-vanilla yogurt; Apple pie à la mode, boasts cinnamon-sugar apple chunks underneath vanilla ice cream-inspired yogurt; Cherry cheesecake, contains sweet black cherries swirl with a vanilla cheesecake-inspired yogurt; Orange cream pop, has natural orange swirls with a vanilla ice cream-inspired yogurt; Bananas foster, contains sweet caramelised banana pieces paired with a rich caramel yogurt; and caramel sundae, features Dulce de Leche caramel sauce underneath a vanilla ice cream-inspired yogurt. Niel Sandfort, chief innovation officer at Chobani, said: "By pairing our natural, nutrient-dense Greek yogurt with dessert-inspired flavours, we're stretching yogurt beyond the breakfast occasion. These flavour profiles, whether they be nostalgic like orange cream pop or decadent like mocha tiramisu, hit the spot in terms of food memory, sensory and satisfaction. With Chobani Creations, we're giving consumers a permissible, indulgent moment." Chobani Creations is made without artificial flavours, sweeteners or preservatives, as well as being "an excellent source" of protein, "a good source" of calcium and contains billions of probiotics and nine essential amino acids.


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