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D’Amazonia to launch hot tea beverage with collagen

UK tea manufacturer D’Amazonia has expanded its portfolio with the launch of a collagen hot tea beverage, tapping into numerous health benefits. D’Amazonia’s Beauty Tea is made with a blend of ingredients, including Chinese green tea, collagen peptides, hibiscus, turmeric, moringa leaf, Chinese white tea, rosehip, apple pieces and blackberry leaves. According to D’Amazonia, collagen supplements have emerged as a prominent trend in the UK wellness scene, gaining a reputation as the "holy grail" of combatting joint stiffness and promoting skin health. Constituting 80% of human skin, collagen plays a crucial role in maintaining suppleness and tightness, serving as a natural defence against premature wrinkles and preserving skin elasticity. D’Amazonia's founder, Marcela Tupinamba, said: "As ever, our functional teas are deliberately tasked with offering so much more than great taste and refreshment". "Our beauty tea specifically responds to the reality that as we age, our body not only finds it progressively synthesises collagen but also repels inevitable free radicals (Sun’s UV rays, manmade pollution, the tribulations of passive smoking, etc.), which accelerate the speed at which our inbuilt collagen levels deplete." Starting 24 May 2024, Beauty Tea will be readily available for purchase, with each package comprising 20 tea bags made from 100% biodegradable materials.


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