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Emerson introduces compact valve position indicator

Emerson has unveiled an entry-level addition to its DV Series of valve position indicators, the TopWorx DVR Switchbox. The TopWorx DVR Switchbox offers a durable resin enclosure, a compact size and a patented cam design, delivering a reliable valve position feedback solution for water and wastewater systems, food and beverage production lines and industrial utilities. Providing transparent and reliable valve position feedback enables process industry plants, platforms and pipelines to function at optimal efficiency and safety levels, without requiring additional production line space. According to the company, the TopWorx DVR Switchbox utilises a low-profile indicator for easy-to-read local position feedback, offering real-time data to help technicians and plant operators keep processes on target. Designed for challenging environments, it features stainless-steel components to ensure a reliable, corrosion-resistant valve indication solution "to keep customer processes running smoothly". Emerson said that TopWorx DVR Switchbox cam design facilitates quick position configuration, streamlining installation and maintenance processes. Ideal for various process industry applications, its compact and versatile design is well-suited for use in confined spaces. Furthermore, the enclosure boasts an ultraviolet F1 rating, ensuring UV resistance that guarantees the long-term, reliable performance of the DVR in outdoor conditions.


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