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Goldfish maker debuts Spicy Dill Pickle crackers to satisfy summer snack cravings

Campbell Soup Company is tapping into the US's love for pickles and spicy flavours with the launch of its new limited-edition Goldfish Spicy Dill Pickle crackers. The latest Goldfish flavour offering comes as pickle-related content on social media platforms like TikTok has surged past 300 million posts, while 53 million US consumers are actively seeking out spicier food options, according to the company. "Goldfish and pickle enthusiasts alike have continued to request this new flavour on social media – so much so, one single social post about pickle flavoured Goldfish received over 30,000 likes," Campbell's said in a statement. The new Goldfish Spicy Dill Pickle crackers aim to satisfy this growing consumer demand by coupling the tang of dill pickles with a spicy kick on the iconic fish-shaped snack. "With over 300 million pickle-related posts on TikTok and 53 million Americans requesting extra spice, Goldfish Spicy Dill Pickle crackers deliver on flavour and fandom with this latest LTO," the company said. The limited-time offering will hit national retailers starting this June with a suggested retail price of $3.69. The move underscores Campbell's efforts to innovate and expand its popular Goldfish brand to keep pace with evolving consumer tastes, particularly around flavour profiles that are generating significant social media buzz and engagement. Goldfish, first introduced in 1962, has become one of Campbell's most recognisable snack brands, competing in the highly competitive $24 billion US cracker market.


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