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GoodWheat expands into breakfast category

Arcadia Biosciences-owned GoodWheat, a high-fibre wheat pasta brand, has entered into the breakfast category with the launch of two product ranges: GoodWheat Quikcakes and GoodWheat Pancake & Waffle Mix. GoodWheat Quikcakes will be available in three flavours: Buttermilk, chocolate chocolate chip and confetti. GoodWheat Pancake & Waffles Mix will also roll out in three varieties: Buttermilk, chocolate chocolate chip and apple cinnamon. The new pancake mixes are made with simple ingredients and Arcadia's proprietary wheat grain, which is said to be naturally higher in fibre and protein than traditional wheat. According to Arcadia, GoodWheat Quikcakes have 11 times the amount of fibre found in the traditional single-serve pancake mixes and 7g of protein per serving. Meanwhile, each serving of GoodWheat Pancake & Waffle Mix delivers eight times the fibre content compared to the classic pancake mix and offers 5g of protein. GoodWheat Quikcakes will be available to buy in stores in the US, including select Meijer stores, beginning next month, while GoodWheat Pancake & Waffle Mix will launch at Giant Food Company and Giant Eagle in August and September, respectively.


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