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Hotaling launches serrano pepper-infused tequila

US spirits company Hotaling & Co has added a serrano pepper-infused expression to its Fiero Tequila portfolio.

Fiero Serrano Tequila is made using vine-ripened serrano peppers from Jalisco, Mexico. Hotaling said that the new spirit has "a crisp, fresh taste" and is perfect for spice lovers. Hotaling's CEO Dan Leese commented: "We already offer the spiciest infused tequila on the market, so introducing Fiero Serrano Tequila felt like a natural extension to us". He continued: "This expression truly captures the essence of Mexican tequila-making artistry and is a perfect complement to Fiero Habanero Tequila. This slightly less spicy expression will allow consumers to enjoy different levels of heat while providing a unique tequila experience in every sip." The expression, which has a 40% ABV, is available at major retailers nationwide for an SRP of $29.99 per 750ml bottle.


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