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IFF launches next-generation enzymatic dough strengthener

IFF has launched Enovera 2000, the latest addition to its range of solutions for the baking industry. A next-generation enzymatic dough strengthener, Enovera 2000 is designed to help bakery manufacturers looking to replace vital gluten in their products, particularly with challenging applications such as whole wheat bread – the range is capable of replacing up to 50% of vital gluten in whole wheat bread. IFF says the enzymatic innovation will enable manufacturers to make operational cost reductions without "quality or volume trade-offs". "The solution...performs equivalently or better than traditional emulsifiers and with a reduced dependence on aids used to compensate for inconsistencies," a statement said. Aurelie Gammelin, global product manager for bakery at IFF, commented: “Managing productivity and protecting cost margins is key for bakeries in Europe right now. Enovera 2000 range is a true industry breakthrough; it reduces up to 50%of vital gluten and brings functional equivalence to traditional emulsifiers – handling process variances and overdosing, as well as whole wheat applications."


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