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JBT's Proseal launches new case packing machine

JBT’s Proseal, a manufacturer of tray-sealing machinery, has launched the CP4, a new addition to its CP range of case-packing machines. According to the company, the CP4 aims to provide food manufacturers with "an unparalleled level of efficiency, flexibility and profitability in their packaging processes". Distinguishing itself from the existing CP2 and CP3 models in the CP series, Proseal's CP4 is said to stand out due to its enhanced capacity for packing trays at an even higher production rate. Capable of handling a diverse range of tray formats and sealing methods, spanning from fresh produce and protein to snacks and ready meals, the CP4 has the ability to process up to 240 packs per minute (depending on the product). Equipped with Proseal's latest control system, the machine enables "intuitive operation" and "real-time performance monitoring," allowing food producers to quickly tackle potential issues, thereby reducing downtime and enhancing productivity. The CP4 also features quick-release conveyors to facilitate belt maintenance. JBT said that a standout attribute is its quick-release tooling system, which significantly reduces product changeover times, often accomplished in under a minute. "The launch of the CP4 case packer is a monumental development not just for Proseal, but for the food packing industry as a whole," said Jon Garner, Proseal's president. "The CP4's advanced features, compact design and flexibility make it a game-changing solution for food producers seeking to optimise their packaging operations." JBT explained that Proseal's case packing range is equipped with Proseal's ProMotion intelligent tray spacing system. This feature manages the flow of trays, allowing uninterrupted feeding into the machine at speeds of up to 240 packs per minute. The CP4 can handle a wide variety of pack formats, including trays and pots constructed from materials like A-PET, C-PET and board.

In addition, the technology also uses Proseal’s spare parts, which are applicable to both their tray sealing and case packing lines, "promoting ease of use and minimal required storage for a wide range of parts in the production area, helping to ensure the machines are running at required production speeds with minimal downtime or interruptions," said JBT.


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