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Magnum reveals array of new product innovations

Unilever-owned Magnum has expanded its portfolio of frozen treats with the launch of four new ice cream flavour combinations. Magnum Double Sunlover is a coconut ice cream, paired with a mango and passionfruit ice cream swirl, a layer of mango and passionfruit sauce encased in white cracking chocolate combined with crispy coconut pieces. Magnum Double Starchaser features a swirled popcorn flavour ice cream and caramel ice cream, encased in a caramel sauce and coated in cracking milk chocolate with crunchy caramelised corn pieces. The Magnum Double Sunlover and Starchaser flavours are available in sticks, minis and tubs. The Mini Double Caramel Multipack Collection features the brand’s first-ever Caramel Almond product, The Mini Caramel Almond flavour. The new flavour is a vanilla ice cream and salted caramel sauce, encased in Magnum’s classic cracking chocolate with crunchy caramelised almond inclusions. Finally, the brand launched another plant-based variety, Magnum Vegan Raspberry Swirl, a raspberry ice cream with swirls of raspberry sauce, dipped in cracking Magnum Vegan chocolate. The products are available to purchase in UK supermarkets.


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