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ManiLife introduces almond butter range

Peanut butter brand ManiLife is set to expand its portfolio by unveiling a brand-new range of sustainably sourced, small-batch almond butters. The brand has collaborated with independently owned farms in Portugal for the almond harvest in its latest product range. By opting for Portugal as the source, the brand not only reduces land and sea miles by a third but also benefits from advanced farming methods that result in Portuguese almonds using 23% less water compared to their Californian counterparts, which currently dominate both the global and UK markets. Because of this, ManiLife believes it will also be the most sustainable almond butter in the UK. Mintel reports that shoppers are on the lookout for more sustainable products, with four in five shoppers intentionally choosing products with a sustainability claim. Stu Macdonald, founder of ManiLife, said: “We spent years tasting countless varieties of almonds from all over the world so it was a genuine joy that the tastiest Almonds we could find also happened to be grown by a lovely family right on our doorstep in Portugal. We don’t like to market using sustainability, but the carbon footprint saving you’ll have eating ManiLife vs a typical Californian-origin almond butter will be monumental.” ManiLife Almond Butter, available in both smooth and crunchy, will be available from 5th February at retailers nationwide and via the ManiLife website.


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