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Mars and Unreasonable Group partner to drive sustainability in food manufacturing

Mars has partnered with Unreasonable Group to introduce Unreasonable Food – an initiative that aims to make the food supply chain more sustainable, aligning with Mars' 2050 net-zero commitment. Under the Unreasonable Food umbrella, Mars' snacking division will collaborate with Unreasonable Group over a three-year period, collectively fostering a future of food production that is more regenerative, inclusive and equitable. Unreasonable Food will focus on four key pillars: shaping the future of food; improving farmer livelihood; transforming food supply chains; and reimagining sustainable packaging. The pillars provide a framework for identifying new solutions that address sustainability challenges relevant to Mars' global operations. Through an exhaustive search process facilitated by the Unreasonable Group's network of investment funds and partners, the initiative will identify growth-stage entrepreneurs with the potential to drive meaningful change in the food industry. The selection process, a collaborative effort between Unreasonable Group and Mars Snacking, aims to develop a portfolio of approximately 40 ventures over the partnership's duration. The first cohort of selected ventures will be unveiled in the coming months. These entrepreneurs will gather for an immersive week-long programme, facilitated by Mars Snacking's global leadership team and mentors affiliated with Unreasonable Group. Amanda Davies, global VP of R&D, sustainability and commercial at Mars Snacking, said: "Mars has the experience, the energy and the footprint to shape the food future. Doing nothing is not an option." Daniel Epstein, CEO of Unreasonable Group, added: "More than 25% of global greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activity can be attributed to the way we produce, process, and package food". He continued: "As one of the world's largest food companies with some of the world's most admired brands, Mars Snacking, in partnership with Unreasonable and the entrepreneurs we support together, is uniquely positioned to put that statistic where it belongs – in a museum. We cannot imagine a more compelling partner to set a new standard for sustainability in our food systems than Mars."


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